VIP FUE Hair Transplant

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VIP FUE Hair Transplant: 1000 Grafts to 4000+ Grafts.

This option is for patients who do not want to shave their hair for the procedure. Most commonly used by actors, musicians, executives or politicians who do not want anyone to tell that they had a hair transplant. This allows the procedure to be very discreet and virtually unnoticeable. There are two variations available for the VIP FUE Hair Transplant, which allow you to not even shave the donor area or shave the donor area only. This decision will be up to Dr. Berberian depending on your specific case.


Dr. Rob Berberian is one of the handful of surgeons in the entire world that does the FUE Hair Transplant manually from start to finish. He specializes in large cases of 4000+ grafts, done in one day only. No case is too complicated, from designing a new hairline to restoring complete hair loss, from straight to curly hair, including all ethnicities such as Caucasian, Asian, African American, Hispanic, Indian and many more.

Dr. Berberian takes great pride in creating the most natural and artistic hairline for your hair transplant procedure and being able to allocate the maximum number of grafts obtained in the optimal sites on your scalp to provide you with the best results.

Dr. Berberian specializes in fixing prior unsuccessful hair transplant procedures. So if you didn't like your hairline or the results were not what you were hoping for, there isn't a case too tough to fix. We will work with you to come up with the best solution with whatever limited donor supply you may or may not have to provide you the most successful procedure with the most natural looking hair!

Dr. Berberian's patients travel to him from all over the world as he is the pioneer of the VIP FUE Hair Transplant that does not involve shaving your hair. This process is a lot more complicated and requires additional artistry and skill to perform. He has done the VIP FUE Hair Transplant on actors, musicians, producers, executives, CEOs, politicians and athletes who do not want anyone to know that they've had a hair transplant. Privacy is completely valued and on the day of your procedure, you are the only patient.

We are located in Newport Beach, near Hoag Hospital. We serve all of Orange County, Los Angeles County and San Diego County. We welcome out of town patients as well. You can send us photos of your hair or face via IG DM for review.


Minimum cases start at $8000.

You can also text us your photos for review by Dr. Berberian so we can provide you your free quote: 424-744-3816

For more info, click here: Dr. Rob Berberian - Hair Transplant

Dr. Rob Berberian FUE Hair Transplant Los Angeles Newport Beach California Before After

Dr. Rob Berberian - FUE Hair Transplant Los Angeles Newport Beach

Dr. Rob Berberian - FUE Hair Transplant Los Angeles Newport Beach

Dr. Rob Berberian - FUE Hair Transplant Los Angeles Newport BeachDr. Rob Berberian FUE Hair Transplant Final Results Los Angeles Newport Beach

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    1 year 2000 grafts without shaving

    Posted by Josh on Jul 5th 2024

    I was gonna go to Turkey to get my hair transplant. I read on Reddit so many botched reviews about those hair transplant mills and saw photos of the botched donor areas and I was like damn those prices are too low for a reason. It was so tempting though cause it was very cheap. Then I decided to save and do my research to find the best surgeon in the states. I saw the great work Dr. Berberian did on Instagram and watched many of his videos. You can tell he is really into the quality of the work he does. I did a consultation with him and actually spoke with him. The other clinics I only got to talk to a sales rep or a receptionist never the doctor. Who would ever do a surgery without talking to the doctor? That would be stupid. Anyways we agreed on 2000 grafts but I work in sales so I did not want my hair shaved. Now I know it cost me more but I went to work after 4 days instead of going back in two weeks. So I made up for the cost by going back to work much sooner. His assistant arranged everything for me and gave me recs for hotels and airports since I flew from out of state. I stayed two nights and flew back the next day. The procedure was very smooth I was in no pain. He is actually very funny we joked and laughed and he made me feel at ease cause I was very nervous. I did PRP too. Now 1 year later my hair is amazing. My hairline is very natural. No one knows I had a transplant. It looks so real. I sent 4 of my friends to get it done with Dr. Berberian. Thanks so much and I am coming to see you end of the month for my PRP.

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    Posted by Eric on Mar 14th 2024

    I did the VIP FUE with Dr. Berberian without shaving my hair since I could not shave it for work. I meet with a lot of clients so I wanted to look as normal as possible. I did 2000 grafts without shaving it took a whole day and it went very smoothly. I could have saved some money by shaving but it was worth it for me. My hair is all grown out now and I am very pleased with the results.

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    VIP treatment with no shaving

    Posted by Dylan on Aug 14th 2023

    I did 1124 grafts for my hairline without shaving my hair. I already have hair but I was just starting to thin out and I do some work in front of the camera so my hairline is very important for me. I paid for 1000 grafts VIP FUE and to my surprise Dr. Berberian was kind enough to give me over 100 grafts as a bonus when we got the final count of the grafts! Now I know he is the not the cheapest but to tell you the truth he is worth every penny. I was worried to even have my hair done if I went overseas or another clinic and they did a bad job or did not give me the number of grafts I paid for. I was definitely nervous but he made me feel very comfortable and his staff is amazing too. His assistant arranged all the paperwork for me and Dr. Berberian even gave me his cell phone number if I have any questions. I just got this done last week and I am very pleased with how my hairline will look when it all grows out. I am also doing the PRP injections so my hair will grow out faster. I will keep you updated as it all grows out. I definitely say to deal with your hair loss when you first notice it instead of going all bald cause then it will definitely be a lot harder to fix. I am so happy I did mine now instead of waiting another 5 years.

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    Outstanding 2000 grafts

    Posted by Brian on Jul 30th 2023

    Dr. Berberian and his staff were outstanding. I initially contacted the office via the internet... and was quickly introduced to Michelle, who proved to be extremely helpful throughout the process. She kept me informed of every step, from scheduling to prescription reminders at the pharmacy and paperwork. She was fast and detailed in her preparations and practically made it effortless for me. Anyways, I needed an initial appointment with Dr Berberian and we agreed on 2000 grafts for a hairline restoration. When I walked into the office, he immediately made me feel welcomed and comfortable... even though I was quite nervous because this was the first time I'd ever done anything remotely similar to this type of thing. He took measurements, drew a perfect hairline, and thoroughly discussed the reasoning behind the proportions of the hairline to the eye brawls and so forth... Clearly, he is an artist at what he does, as the result is stunning. The entire procedure went smoothly... despite the fact that thousands of holes were being punched into you, I always feel at ease and cared for. I fully trust Dr. Berberian's and his work, and I am excited to see the long-term results.

    Post-op... minimal bleeding, minimal scabbing, and no discomfort. Just beautifully done work.

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    Did not shave

    Posted by Johnny on Jul 26th 2023

    I did the VIP FUE so without shaving for a total of 2100. I only paid for 2000 and Dr. Berberian surprised me with a bonus 100 grafts which I am thankful for. I know that without shaving is more expensive but I had to do it this way because of my work. I went back to work on day 3 so I only took two days off which was very convenient. My hair looks great now I am at month 11 I am way more confident with how I look and very pleased with the results.

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    I did mine without shaving

    Posted by Dean on Jul 16th 2023

    Was very easy one day and went back to work same week. 2000 graphs. Took a while to grow like 6 months and then it looked amazing. Very pleased.

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    No shave transplant

    Posted by Jake on Jul 12th 2023

    I could not shave my hair because of my work so Dr. Berberian did the VIP transplant for me. I was able to hide it from people at my office because my hair is long up top and it was just thinning. I did 2000 grafts without shaving took 4 days off from work. People didn't notice that I had a transplant done since my long hair was covering it up nicely. Once the hair grew up then I told some of my co workers and my friends and they didn't believe me that I had it done because it looks so natural. I don't do a combover anymore I just style it any way I like. I am very pleased with the results.

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