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FUE Hair Transplant Los Angeles: 1000 Grafts, 2000 Grafts, 3000 Grafts, 4000 Grafts & 5000 Grafts.


Dr. Rob Berberian is one of the handful of surgeons in the entire world that does the FUE Hair Transplant manually from start to finish. He is the pioneer of the manual FUE Hair Transplant in Los Angeles & Orange County. He specializes in large cases of 4000+ grafts, done in one day only. No case is too complicated, from designing a new hairline to restoring complete hair loss, from bald to full hair, including all ethnicities such as Caucasian, Asian, African American, Hispanic, Indian and many more.

Dr. Berberian takes great pride in creating the most natural and artistic hairline for your hair transplant procedure and being able to allocate the maximum number of grafts obtained in the optimal sites on your scalp to provide you with the best results.

Dr. Berberian specializes in fixing prior unsuccessful hair transplant procedures. So if you didn't like your hairline or the results were not what you were hoping for, there isn't a case too tough to fix. We will work with you to come up with the best solution with whatever limited donor supply you may or may not have to provide you the most successful procedure with the most natural looking hair!

Dr. Berberian's patients travel to him from all over the world as he is the pioneer of the VIP FUE Hair Transplant that does not involve shaving your hair. This process is a lot more complicated and requires additional artistry and skill to perform. He has done the VIP FUE Hair Transplant on actors, musicians, producers, executives, CEOs, politicians and athletes who do not want anyone to know that they've had a hair transplant. Privacy is completely valued and on the day of your procedure, you are the only patient.

We are located in Newport Beach, near Hoag Hospital. We serve all of Orange County, Los Angeles County and San Diego County. We welcome out of town patients as well. You can send us photos of your hair via IG DM for review.

Minimum cases start at $8000.

Financing available.

Discounts for models and/or last minute cases.

Text us your photos for review by Dr. Berberian so we can provide you your free quote: 424-744-3816

For more info, click here: Dr. Rob Berberian - Hair Transplant

Dr. Rob Berberian Best FUE Hair Tranpslant Los Angeles & Newport Beach, CA 12 months post op


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    Very satisfied with my results

    Posted by Lawrence on Jul 22nd 2024

    I did my hair transplant about a year ago. I did a telephone consult since I live out of the town. I spoke with Dr. Berberian himself. He said I needed 2500 grafts if I wanted my whole head done. I paid for 2500 grafts and Dr. Berberian gave me some extra at no cost. 2000 grafts were for my front part and the 500 for the back of my head. The procedure went very well. I was comfortable the whole time. A little pain with the numbing at first then I felt nothing the rest of the day. It took a few months for the hair to start showing. Now I am so happy with the results. Dr. Berberian did the procedure himself. I chose him because of that since most places the doctor does not do much or any of it. I read a lot of reviews before I decided. So I was confident I made the right choice and now I am 100 percent satisfied with the results.

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    Hairline 2000 grafts

    Posted by Cody on Jul 9th 2024

    I flew from NYC to get my hair done with Dr. Berberian eight months ago. The whole process was so well put together from the scheduling with his assistants and helping me with all the travel resources and instructions for the procedure. I did a telephone consultation with Dr. Berberian and you can tell he is very knowledgeable and down to earth. So many other clinics I was not able to speak with the doctor and when I did with two other clinics the surgeons were very dry and borderline arrogant kind of annoyed with my questions. Dr. Berberian advised 2000 grafts for my hairline. I felt very comfortable with him working on me. I was his only patient so he was with me from start to finish. I like that they only take one patient per day unlike other hair clinics where they take 3 or 4 and the doctor does not do any of the work. Dr. Berberian did all the extractions and all the work. The next day I flew back home with a head band. I had very little swelling. I took the medications they prescribed. The first few nights were the hardest for me to sleep since I was not used to sleep at a 45 angle so I used a few pillows and it was not the best since I always sleep on my side or stomach never on my back. Otherwise everything else was perfect. I flew back at six months to get another PRP injection. He said everything was looking great since I had a lot of new hair growth and now at 8 months it looks almost full density. He told me final results at 12 months but it already looks perfect to me. I feel more confident going out with my friends and recently started dating again after my divorce. My ex wife used to make fun of my receding hairline and it hurt me a lot. Now nothing bothers me anymore since I have my hair back. I sincerely thank you Dr. Berberian for the amazing work that you did for me. I am eternally grateful. You changed my confidence and my life. I am a much happier person now. Thanks again and I will be back at 12 months for another PRP injection.

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    I did 2500 grafts

    Posted by J Rodriguez on Jul 6th 2024

    I did 2500 grafts almost one year ago. Most of it was for the front and he put 500 in my crown. I am only 27 but I was losing a lot of hair. I am also using Rogaine. Dr. Berberian was very good to me he did everything right and I text him when I have questions now my hair is grow it looks perfect thank you

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    Very happy with the results of my transplant

    Posted by Mark on Jun 2nd 2024

    I spent three years researching to get my hair transplant and consulted with many clinics probably over 20 in the states and overseas. It is definitely cheaper out of the country but I have seen horrible results and I did not want any random clinic to touch my hair. Just not worth the risk to save a little bit of money. Most of the clinics I never could speak with the doctor. It was usually a sales rep pushing very hard to sell me the procedure. I actually got to speak with Dr. Berberian during my consultation and there was never a sales rep involved. He explained everything very thoroughly. I had already been following him on social media for a while and I read his blogs and actually the guide he wrote is very useful. He even told me what questions to ask when I am doing consultations at other clinics! He is very upfront and direct about what to expect. We did 2000 grafts for the front half of my head. He did the extractions himself. I was his only patient. He was with me from start to finish which took about 7 hours. Recovery was easy. He went over all the instructions before I left his office himself. Once again, I was impressed how hands on he is from start to finish. He is a true artist of his craft. After 10 months I am almost at full density and am so thrilled that I actually had him do my transplant. My only regret is that I did it sooner so I could have amazing hair 3 years ago! This has changed my confidence dramatically. I go out on dates and no girl has noticed that I have a transplant and they compliment me on my hair all the time now. I grow it long and can style it the way I like. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for changing the way I feel about myself and his assistant has been a joy to work with, she handled all the paperwork and the scheduling for my PRP injections. I have already referred four of my friends and they got it done too. We are all happy with our results.

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    Posted by Jason on Aug 4th 2023

    I did 2071 grafts. I was thinning in my hairline so mainly the front part of my head and a little bit in the sides so Dr. Berberian said I needed 2000 grafts to match the density of the rest of my head which I still have plenty of hair. I am using finasteride but it didnt do anything to grown new hair in my hairline but it helps to stop my hair loss. I am 9 months out and most of the hair is already grown. I am doing PRP also and it looks amazing. I am very pleased with how natural my hairline looks and no one can tell I had a transplant.

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    Posted by Brian on Jul 30th 2023

    Dr. Berberian and his staff were outstanding. I initially contacted the office via the internet... and was quickly introduced to Michelle, who proved to be extremely helpful throughout the process. She kept me informed of every step, from scheduling to prescription reminders at the pharmacy and paperwork. She was fast and detailed in her preparations and practically made it effortless for me. Anyways, I needed an initial appointment with Dr Berberian and we agreed on 2000 grafts for a hairline restoration. When I walked into the office, he immediately made me feel welcomed and comfortable... even though I was quite nervous because this was the first time I'd ever done anything remotely similar to this type of thing. He took measurements, drew a perfect hairline, and thoroughly discussed the reasoning behind the proportions of the hairline to the eye brawls and so forth... Clearly, he is an artist at what he does, as the result is stunning. The entire procedure went smoothly... despite the fact that thousands of holes were being punched into you, I always feel at ease and cared for. I fully trust Dr. Berberian's and his work, and I am excited to see the long-term results.

    Post-op... minimal bleeding, minimal scabbing, and no discomfort. Just beautifully done work.

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    No shaving

    Posted by Johnny on Jul 26th 2023

    I did the VIP FUE so without shaving for a total of 2100. I only paid for 2000 and Dr. Berberian surprised me with a bonus 100 grafts which I am thankful for. I know that without shaving is more expensive but I had to do it this way because of my work. I went back to work on day 3 so I only took two days off which was very convenient. My hair looks great now I am at month 11 I am way more confident with how I look and very pleased with the results.

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    Whatever I say is not enough!

    Posted by Greg on Jul 21st 2023

    Dr. Berberian is a magician! He changed the way I look from bald to having a full head of hair. I did 4500 grafts in one day. I went to many consultations and no one was able to offer me more than 2500 grafts and they said I need to do it at least twice. Well I did my hair in one session 4500 grafts and now I am 9 months out and it looks perfect! I actually have hair. I was literally completely bald! Thank you Dr. Berberian for the amazing work you did for me. I can't thank you enough. Sincerely, Greg

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    I did 1000 grafts for my hairline

    Posted by Cody on Jul 19th 2023

    I'm a working actor and needed just a little more density in my hairline so Dr. Berberian advised me to do 1000 grafts only just in my hairline so it looks better on camera. I did the procedure about a year ago and now it's all grown out and looks amazing. I am very happy with the work. He is the utmost professional and followed up with me over the past year. And yes he does give you his cell phone number if you have any questions. How many other doctors actually do that? Now I have more confidence when I go to auditions and I can actually get roles for guys in their 20s even though I'm almost 40.

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