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The art of perfection is in the detailed retouching of natural beauty!

Dermal Fillers, like Juvederm or Restylane are used to fill in lines and wrinkles, add volume to lips and cheeks, define jaw lines, correct imperfections in the nose, reduce under eye dark circles, brighten up the eyes and liven up your facial features. 

An artistic touch is needed to provide the ultimate facial contouring to give you a constant photo shoot ready look effortlessly!

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Get your dream lips in 15 min with #LipFillers! No Downtime! No Bruising! No pain! Keep or change the shape of your lips! Make it as subtle or as dramatic as you like! You can get your dream lips today! ****Special Promo Pricing for this week only!**** - For all your beauty needs, come and see me!:) Services include Botox, Fillers, Facial Sculpting, jaw line definition, chin augmentation, cheek fillers and lifting, forehead and frown line fillers, non-surgical nose job, skin rejuvenation, prp face and hair, microneedling, kybella, radiesse, hair transplants, scar minimizing, stretch mark reduction, cellulite busting, buttocks augmentation and much more! - Visit for more info or DM for your special instagram Pricing and promotions! - #botox #fillers #lipfillers #juvederm #restylane #radiesse #kybella #nosejob #medspa #hairtransplant #fue #losangeles

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