PRP Face & Hair Dr. Rob Berberian


The secret is out! Flawless skin and vibrant hair is now attainable with PRP!

PRP, Platelet Rich Plasma, is prepared by drawing your own blood, spinning it in a specialized centrifuge to isolate the PRP to inject it or micro-needle it into your skin or scalp.

PRP provides the nourishment and growth factors to restore the texture and thickness of hair that has been damaged through coloring, extensions or thinning in both males and females.

PRP can be injected in the scalp to amplify and rejuvenate your hair or micro-needled onto your face to tighten and firm up loose skin, decrease acne scarring and large pores, even out the texture and tone, promote collagen and elastin production and can also be used on scars or stretch marks to reduce their appearance.

Use your own body's healing properties and growth factors in this state of the art cosmetic procedure to provide you with real results! Usually 1-3 sessions are recommended.

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