Below are some of the photos and videos of the different procedures performed by Dr. Rob Berberian:

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FUE Hair Transplant: 4000 grafts done in one day only! Dr. Rob Berberian specializes in large cases and will redesign a brand new hairline that is very artistic and looks so natural that no one can tell you had a transplant! In this case, 4000 grafts were extracted and strategically placed to redesign a new hairline and fill in the crown. Watch the video below to see the entire procedure from start to finish!

Dr. Rob Berberian FUE Hair Transplant Los Angeles Newport Beach California Before After




Dr. Rob Berberian - FUE Hair Transplant Los Angeles Newport Beach





VIP FUE Hair Transplant: Actor Christian Cage gets 2700 grafts to redesign and strengthen his hairline in a very natural and artistic style, add more density up top and touch up the crown. No shaving options are available. One day simple procedure with a quick recovery. Christian got a PRP session during the hair transplant to allow the transplanted grafts to grow faster, protect his own native hair and regrow thinning hair.

VIP FUE Hair Transplant Dr. Rob Berberian Christian Cage

Dr. Rob Berberian FUE Hair Transplant Los Angeles Newport Beach California Before After

Watch the full procedure below from start to finish!



FUE Hair Transplant for African American Hair: Curly hair provides a great challenge in performing an FUE Hair Transplant. That's why traditionally, patients with curly hair are advised to do an FUT Hair Transplant. Unfortunately, with an FUT the patient gets a linear scar which cannot be hidden when the hair is short in the back. Dr. Rob Berberian specializes in FUE Hair Transplants for all hair types, including African American curly hair. This patient did not want a linear scar and was turned away by many other surgeons. Dr. Berberian has a very unique technique to successfully perform an FUE Hair Transplant on African American patients with curly hair, along with designing a natural and artistic hairline taking into consideration the ethnic variations in hairlines. The photos below show before the procedure and only 3 days after the procedure. You can see no swelling, no bruising, no downtime, no linear scar...just beautiful new hair that will start growing soon!

Dr. Rob Berberian FUE Hair Transplant African American Hair


Hair Transplant Surgery: 2500 grafts via FUE. The patient's main focus was to design a new hairline and strengthen the front part, so we had to allocate the majority of the grafts towards the front then spread the rest up top and sprinkle some towards the back and crown.

Hair Transplant Dr. Rob Berberian Los Angeles

Hair Transplant Dr. Rob Berberian Los Angeles



Zero Bruising Lip Fillers: Dr. Berberian specializes in the Zero Bruising Lip Filler technique that he created. See below for photos.



Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty (Nose Filler): Dr. Berberian's artistic vision helps sculpt, reshape and lift your nose as needed to perfect it without surgery. Virtually no downtime. The procedure takes about 10-30 minutes.



Complete Facial Sculpting with Fillers: Every aspect of your face and neck can be addressed in one session to help sculpt, define, reshape and lift your features. Fillers are used in the cheeks, nose, temples, jawline, chin, lips and neck to help you achieve your desired beauty goals.


PRP Hair without transplant: PRP Hair injections are performed for both men and women to help regrow thinning and damaged hair follicles.


Gummy Smile Treatment:Dr. Rob Berberian has created a special technique using a combination of Fillers and Botox to eliminate your gummy smile without surgery.

Dr. Rob Berberian - Gummy Smile Treatment in Los Angeles & Newport BeachDr. Rob Berberian - Gummy Smile Treatment in Los Angeles & Newport Beach

Hair Transplant: Dr. Rob Berberian specializes in the FUE Hair Transplant including the VIP FUE, with no shaving options. The entire procedure is done by hand from start to finish, including large cases over 4000+ grafts.


Best FUE Hair Transplant Procedure with PRPDr. Rob Berberian is the pioneer of using PRP dating to over 11 years, particularly with Hair Transplant procedures to give the best results! PRP helps protect the existing native hair, protects the transplanted grafts and allows the grafts to grow sooner! We see hair growth with PRP as early as 2.5 months after Hair Transplantation!




PRP Hair Restoration: Actor Christian Cage follows up at 30 Days post VIP FUE Hair Transplant to get his second PRP Session. Thanks to the PRP session he did during his hair transplant, not all the grafts have shed and some look ready to start growing. It is recommended to do 3 PRP sessions after your transplant to allow the grafts to grow as early as 2.5 months, instead of the usual 6 months that it takes for the grafts to come out of the hibernation phase. This is a virtually painless procedure that takes less than 30 minutes with zero downtime.

Dr. Rob Berberian PRP Hair Transplant Christian Cage 30 Days Post-Op

Watch the PRP Hair Restoration process below!

Microneedling: Patient had two main issues she wanted to address, her face and her scar on her chest. So, we performed microneedling on her face to build more collagen and diminish the fine lines and sunspots and on her scar to decrease the appearance of the scar. This is session #1. Three sessions are recommended, one month apart for best results.



PRP FACIAL: Boosts collagen and elastin production to tighten and lift the skin. Removes impurities, detoxes the skin, hydrates it, reduces pores, blackheads and breakouts!

PRP Facial Dr. Rob Berberian Los AngelesPRP Facial Dr. Rob Berberian Los Angeles 2 Secret in-a-TubePRP Facial Dr. Rob Berberian Los Angeles 3



Microneedling: This involves using tiny needles all over the face and neck area to stimulate collagen production. Instead of using PRP after, we can use 100% hyaluronic acid or Secret in-a-Tube Organic Facial Oil Serum to provide all the hydration and nutrients that your skin needs! Great for acne prone skin! Get clear skin in minutes! 

dr.-rob-berberian-microneedling jade


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